How fast can I expect my property to sell?

Every property is different, but there are some general guidelines to follow to speed up your selling process.  Most important, price appropriately. This doesn’t just apply to pricing too high. If you set your price too low, buyers may infer, incorrectly, that something is wrong with your property, and choose to skip viewing it. And that’s the second tip to success: traffic. The more potential buyers who view your property, the faster it will sell. Next, feature your listing in its best light. Get great, well lit photos, consider doing some staging, and be sure to use your public remarks to SELL your property.

Will agents avoid showing my property since I’m using Simply List?

Not with Simply List. Possibly, with other companies. Simply List’s reputation is a good one, and is not blackballed in the Georgia real estate community. Reviews speak for themselves!

Your Simply List listing on the MLS will look identical to every other listing on there. Agents will only see the incentives you’re offering to them for bringing you your buyer. And remember, the buyer’s agent doesn’t get paid until their buyer closes on a property. If a buyer wants to see your property, their agent will be all too happy to show it to them.

Why should I choose SimplyList?

SimplyList provides the absolute best value for your money. We pride ourselves on excellent, prompt customer service from first contact to close on your property.

What can’t I have in the public remarks (the description everyone sees)?

The public remarks section is restricted to description, condition, and highlights of the property. However,  no square footage or acreage numbers are permitted here. You CANNOT have contact information, including names, phone numbers, website or email addresses, not even virtual tour links. NO calling or showing instructions are permitted here, including references to alarms, gate, lockbox, or other security codes. No incentives for agents or brokers are permitted in this section. Limit yourself to description, condition, and marketing of the property only.

What should I put in the public remarks of my listing?

You should use the public remarks to sell all the great attributes of your property. Use your 575 characters to describe and highlight the property and its condition.  If you’ve renovated the master bathroom, put in hardwood floors, or are offering new appliances with the sale, here’s the place to put it. Sing your listing’s praises. For what you cannot include in the public remarks, see here.

What is ShowingTime and how can it help me?

ShowingTime is an FMLS-integrated system and app used by most agents to book showings via e-mail, text message, or automated phone call. Sellers can also gather feedback information about their listings. Access to ShowingTime is complimentary with a Simply List listing.

For ShowingTime Customer Support see below

Why don’t I see a fee at closing on your competitor’s websites?

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a fee at closing.

Any property listed on the FMLS has a fee after closing based on the final sales price. You may not see our competitors disclosing their closing fees upfront on their websites, but look closely. It will be there in the Listing Agreement, or hidden somewhere in fine print (they are commonly much higher than Simply List’s fee at closing)

At Simply List, our company is upfront about our fees.