Commission Rebate for Homebuyers


What do you get with our homebuyer commission rebate?

  • No upfront fee to pay Simply List
  • A COMMISSION REBATE: ANY COMMISSION EARNED BY SIMPLY LIST IN EXCESS OF THE OWED COMMISSION (owed commission is 0.75 percent of the sales price) BACK TO  BUYER. (To put in plain terms, Simply List gets the full commission at closing advertised by a seller on a listing. We rebate everything back to you at closing, and only keep 0.75 percent of the sales price to cover our time and MLS fees we are assessed. A minimum of $750 is kept by Simply List if 0.75 percent of the sales price is a lower amount.)
  • Contract drafting including offer, counteroffer, and amendments written with terms you provide to us. We provide Georgia Association of REALTORS contract forms.
  • Notifying all parties involved with the transaction of a contract.
  • Send all documents for e-signature and deliver to other parties in the contract.

What do you not get?

  • Any attempt to locate property suitable to Buyer for purchase
  • Assistance, to the extent requested by Buyer, in negotiating the terms of and filling out a pre-printed real estate purchase and sale agreement

Why would you want to use this service?

  • You get to keep part of the commission your agent would have otherwise gotten from the sale in the form of a rebate at closing. That’s more cash in your pocket!
  • Better contract forms and knowledge on how to properly fill them in, which specific forms to send, etc.
  • Access to e-signature capability


Buyer Rebate Infographic copy

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