Commercial Property


    • $299 or $399 due at time of listing
    • Offer Rental Agent/Buyer’s Agent Commission You Want to Pay
    • Renter/Buyer with No Agent, No Rental/Selling Commission
    • Owner/Seller Negotiates Contracts
    • Unlimited Changes to Listing, Free of Charge
    • Lease/Sales Contract forms available, Free of Charge
    • Simply List Atlanta is Local, Not Out of State

See Below for Full Description of Our Service. Our FAQ is also available. 



Listing Services for a Commercial listing:

  1. Listed until SOLD or LEASED
  2. Property/Business types:  Automotive Service, Barn, Building Supplies, Business Park, Chicken House, Commercial Farm, Educational, Feed Barn, Food Service, Franchise, Garage, Gas Station, Hay Shed, High Rise, Historical, Hotel/Motel, Industrial, Land/Lot Only, Laundromat, Manufacturing, Marina, Medical/Dental, Mobile Park, Office Building, Office Condominium, Packing Shed, Potential Commercial, Recreational/Resort, Religious, Retail Store, Shopping Center, Smoke House, Stables, Tractor Shed, Unimproved, Warehouse, Wholesale
  3. Service areas:  Greater Atlanta and all 159 counties in Georgia
  4. Listed within 24 hrs. For submission of completed listing forms and photos after 12 Noon on Friday or over the weekend, the property will be listed the following Monday
  5. For Sale:  List on Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS) and First Multiple Listing (FMLS)
    For Lease:  List on Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS) and First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) – Note: Commercial rental listing category not available on FMLS; will be listed in residential rental described as “commercial property” in the Remarks
  6. Up to 36 Photos displayed on your FMLS and GAMLS listing, including a required primary photo (exterior front view of property). Submit photos in JPG format. Photo resolution: Approx. 1600 x 1066 pixels. File size per photo: No larger than 2MB. Use your own photos and not photos that belong to others without their written permission.
  7. Agents call you directly to show your property to their clients
  8. Buyer/Renter leads: Inquiries specifically for your property received by your Listing Agent, Suzanne Higgins, forwarded/referred to you
  9. Your choice of commission to pay a buyer’s agent or a rental agent
  10. Represent yourself and negotiate contracts yourself
  11. Letter of Intent, Purchase and Sale Agreement, Exhibits and more available, free of charge
  12. Letter of Intent, Lease Agreements for Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Facilities and more available, free of charge
  13. You sell/rent yourself ‘by owner’ to buyer/renter not represented by an agent, you pay NO selling or rental commission
  14. At closing, for a for-sale listing, a commission of 0.3% (sales price X .0030) to Simply List Atlanta to cover an advertising expense due a MLS and administration of sales contract and closing documents
  15. At leasing, for a rental listing, a commission of 10% (one month’s rent X .10) to Simply List Atlanta for administration of leasing documents
  16. Agent-access electronic Supra lockbox available for lease (Greater Atlanta only) or use combo lockbox or show by appointment
  17. Feedback system included, free of charge, with electronic Supra lockbox lease  – Showing/buyer agents’ comments emailed to you
  18. For Sale Sign – Complimentary real estate broker yard sign for a for-sale listing, when requested. Other options: Display a generic For Sale by Owner sign or order a real estate broker sign with “Call Owner” and your phone number printed, plus a metal stand. Cost: $39, including shipping. Note: A For Sale sign of any kind is not required to be displayed.
  19. For Lease Sign – Display a generic For Lease sign with your phone number. Note: A For Lease sign of any kind is not required to be displayed.
  20. Changes to Listing, Unlimited – List price, descriptive remarks, photos, etc., free of charge, except to cancel a for-sale listing ($50 withdraw fee)
  21. Extend listing past the initial listing period, free of charge. Your listing will be extended in three-month increments until your property is sold/leased, unless terminated by seller/owner.
  22. Customer Service – Calls fielded by local Simply List Atlanta real estate professionals located in Greater Atlanta and not out of State
  23. After business hours and weekends, voicemails and emails checked periodically; inquiries from buyers/agents forwarded to you
  24. When for-sale property goes under contract and binding, email copy of Contract to Simply List Atlanta
  25. When rental property leased, email copy of Lease Agreement to Simply List Atlanta

For other information, visit our FAQ.

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