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By law, you have ten (10) days to remove the lockbox. If the buyer’s agent is unavailable, contact Simply List at listings@simplylistatlanta.com We may be able to send an agent out to collect the lockbox, but you will be foregoing the $50 refundable security deposit to have the lockbox collected.

Your $50 deposit is refundable as long as you return your lockbox to Simply List within 30 days of your sale/closing or withdrawal date. If a Simply List agent has to retrieve your lockbox, or you return the lockbox after the 30 day grace period has passed, you forfeit your $50 deposit. If you need an agent to collect it for you, and we are able to send an agent to your property, you will also forfeit the $50 deposit.

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This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a fee at closing.

Any property listed on the FMLS has a fee after closing based on the final sales price. You may not see our competitors disclosing their closing fees upfront on their websites, but look closely. It will be there in the Listing Agreement, or hidden somewhere in fine print (they are commonly much higher than Simply List’s fee at closing)

At Simply List, our company is upfront about our fees.

A “listing agent” and “seller’s agent” are commonly-used, interchangeable, synonyms.

You pay a flat fee per listing, and when your property does sell, a flat percent commission to the listing agent as specified in your Listing Agreement document.

Yes, in the event a buyer’s agent brings a buyer to your listing, you must pay the buyer’s agent a commission if you accept the offer. You choose how much commission you’d like to offer potential buyers’ agents as part of your listing process paperwork. We have seen competitive commission offerings between two and four percent, although no specific percentage is recognized. 

No. If you find the buyer yourself, no buyer’s agent commissions are owed. There is still a small commission owed to your listing agent (Ex. Simply List), which is specified in your Listing Agreement.

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