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Simply List’s regular office hours are from 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. Monday through Friday. Our office observes major U.S. holidays, and are not open during these days.

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Not at all! Many homeowners successfully sold their homes last year without a traditional, full commission agent, saving thousands.

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The Multiple Listing Service is the database agents utilize to find properties for the buyers they’re representing.  Previously, the only way to get a property on the MLS was to go through a full commission agent, since only licensed real estate agents can list properties on the MLS.

There are many types of listing service databases. FMLS and GAMLS are two that are used in the Atlanta area.

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A lockbox is a place to securely store the key to your property so that you don’t have to meet prospective buyers at the property every time someone wants to view it. 

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A SUPRA lockbox is an electronic lockbox that monitors and registers the names and contact info of the agents who showed your property, along with the dates and times they did so.

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Simply List is happy to provide you with an electronic SUPRA lockbox for a fee of $150. A $50 deposit is refundable to you provided you return the lockbox to Simply List within 30 days of your sale/closing date or withdrawal date.

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There is no time limit on listing with Simply List. Your property is listed until it sells.

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Contact Simply List a few business days in advance of expiration if you would like your listing to expire.

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Initial Listing Setup (4)

You will need to have filled out, as thoroughly as possible, both a property information form and an exclusive listing agreement. These forms are available on our website after you purchase a listing.

Upload your pictures in the order you want them posted. Remember, a front exterior shot is required for your listing’s cover photo. More extensive instructions are on the photo upload page.

The more information you provide, the more likely your property is to attract more interested buyers. Be as thorough as possible to be as successful as possible!

575 including spaces and punctuation.

Make Changes/Add to Existing Listing (3)

Simply List offers a weekend and holiday listing/listing change service for an additional fee. Click HERE for more details. Otherwise, Simply List will add or update your listing on the next open business day.

All changes, including property descriptions, prices, photos, etc, must be requested in an email to listings@simplylistatlanta.com 

Most changes will be made within 48 hours, except holidays and weekends.

Simply List turns around listings and changes within 24 hours, excepting weekends and holidays.

Payment/Fees (1)

Your $50 deposit is refundable as long as you return your lockbox to Simply List within 30 days of your sale/closing or withdrawal date. If a Simply List agent has to retrieve your lockbox, or you return the lockbox after the 30 day grace period has passed, you forfeit your $50 deposit.

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