$199 For Sale By Owner


$50 OFF each additional listing placed at same time as 1st property. All properties must be listed within 30 days. Enter discount code for the total number of listings at checkout.

SR50  (For 2 listings)
SR100 (For 3 listings)
SR150 (For 4 listings)
SR200 (For 5 listings)
SR250 (For 6 listings)

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$199 For Sale By Owner Includes:

  1. $199 due at time of listing
  2. $50 discount for each additional listing ordered on same date
  3. Listed until SOLD
  4. Property Types: Single-family Home, Condo/Townhouse, Multi-Dwelling, Residential Developed Lot, Land
  5. Service Areas: Greater Atlanta and all 159 counties in Georgia
  6. List on BOTH First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) and Georgia MLS (GAMLS) – The two MLS systems of Greater Atlanta
  7. Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com – Syndication to 1000+ real estate websites, including local/GA broker websites (e.g. Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX)
  8. Listed within 24 hrs. For submission of completed listing forms and photos after 2 PM on Friday or over the weekend, the property will be listed the following Monday.
  9. Buyer’s Agents call you directly to show your property
  10. Use combo lockbox, electronic Supra lockbox (Lease – Available in Greater Atlanta only) or show by appointment
  11. Buyer leads – Inquiries specifically for your property received by your Listing Agent, Suzanne Higgins, forwarded/referred to you
  12. Represent yourself and negotiate contracts yourself
  13. Your choice of selling commission to buyer’s agent (example: 3%)
  14. You Sell ‘By Owner’ to buyer not represented by an agent, you pay NO selling commission
  15. Sales price x .0020 commission to Sellect Realty at closing to cover an advertising expense due a MLS and administration of sales contract and closing documents
  16. Contract and Property Disclosure forms available, free of charge
  17. Comparative Market Analysis (active and sold Listings), upon request, free of charge
  18. Photos
    • Up to 25 photos displayed on your FMLS and GAMLS listing, including a required primary photo (exterior front view of property)
    • Photo format: JPG; Best photo size: at least 1024 x 768 pixels; maximum size 1000 kilobytes per image (1000kb = 1 megabyte)
    • Use your own photos and not photos that belong to others without their written permission
  19. Agent-access electronic Supra lockbox available for lease – Greater Atlanta only
  20. Feedback system included, free of charge, with electronic Supra lockbox lease – Showing/buyer agents’ comments emailed to you
  21. Complimentary Sellect Realty For Sale yard sign, when requested. Other options: Display a generic For Sale by Owner sign or order a Sellect Realty For Sale yard sign with “Call Owner” and your phone number printed, plus a metal stand. Cost: $39, including shipping. Note: A For Sale yard sign of any kind is not required to be displayed.
  22. Changes to Listing, Unlimited – List price, descriptive remarks, photos, etc., free of charge, except to cancel listing (see #26)
  23. Extend Listing past the initial listing period, free of charge. Your listing will be extended in three-month increments until your property is sold, unless terminated by seller.
  24. Customer Service – Calls fielded by local Sellect Realty real estate professionals located in Greater Atlanta and not out of State
  25. After business hours and weekends, voicemails and emails checked periodically; inquiries from buyers/agents forwarded to you
  26. Cancel Listing – FMLS & GAMLS charge $25 each (does not apply when property sells and closes)
  27. Option to upgrade to a $399 Limited Full Service (pay the difference in upfront fee and .0065 of sales price at closing)
  28. Relist Property – Relist within 90 (ninety) days of un-listing for $99, if no transaction had occurred on property previously listed through Sellect Realty

63 reviews for $199 For Sale By Owner

  1. Sellect Realty

    Great way to sell a home for those that are willing and able to do some of the legwork on their own. It saved us thousands of dollars by not having to pay for the seller’s agent fees! Tina E.

  2. Sellect Realty

    I have used Sellect Realty flat fee listing services many times over the last few years (I am a builder / renovator / investor) – have always had a good experience. They are professional and helpful with any questions. Also, never a hiccup during closing … definitely recommend. Bob Rash

  3. Sellect Realty

    Listing and selling our property with Sellect Realty was a seamless process and a significant cost savings for us compared to a traditional listing. Colleen and her team did a great job of communicating with us and any updates to our listing that we requested were always done in a timely manner. We were very satisfied with the entire process. Julie K.

  4. Sellect Realty

    My husband and I love Sellect Realty. We paid for the $199.00 listing and our house sold saving us in excess of $20,000.00 in realtor commission. We lived in the Edinburgh subdivision in Suwanee. Colleen and Suzanne were so professional and so responsive. Honestly, my husband and I don’t understand why anyone would list their home with a typical realtor and pay their inflated commission. Suzanne and Colleen, thank you again. Nancy and Bill Moser

  5. Sellect Realty

    We were extremely happy with our experience with Sellect Realty. We found them to be easy to work with, helpful, and trustworthy. They did exactly what they promised. If we had any questions, they were always ready to help. Suzanne corresponded with the Buyer’s agent patiently several times when that agent had trouble sending Suzanne a signable form. We have already recommended Sellect Realty to our neighbors and unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone. Cathy & Randy

  6. Sellect Realty

    We want to thank you for all your help in listing our home for sale. After 50 days, we had a Contract, and yesterday a SUCCESSFUL Closing! We are happy to have used the service of Simply List Atlanta and SELLect Realty. I will recommend you to friends who wish to save money by listing this innovative way! Ouida Chambless

  7. Sellect Realty

    I could not be happier with the flat fee listing from Sellect Realty. They are incredibly responsive and helpful through the process and I saved thousands of dollars compared to a full service listing agent. Yes, you have to do some things yourself but I found it all to be fun, engaging, and Sellect provides you with all of the tools and forms you will need. All calls, emails, and inquiries from agents about my property were sent to me the same day and many times in a matter of minutes. I would recommend Sellect Realty’s flat fee listing service to friends, family, and neighbors. 5 stars! Andy

  8. Sellect Realty

    I am thankful for your setup which allows Seller’s the opportunity to sell and list their homes on the MLS. Our intention was always to pay a Buyer’s agent their rightfully earned commission for their hard work and efforts in bringing us a buyer, but, at the same time allowed us to save a little money by doing some of the basic marketing ourselves. Your setup allows Sellers another option. Phil

  9. Sellect Realty

    I found that selling my house using Sellect Realty’s process was very easy and very cost effective. For someone who wants to be very hands on with the process and do their own photography, listing description, pricing, negotiation and such, it’s an ideal way to do business and I’d do it again anytime I had a home to sell! Barclay

  10. Sellect Realty

    Listing my house through Sellect Realty’s $199 listing service was phenomenal! Hassle-free experience and I’ll definitely list my houses with them again. It doesn’t get better than that as far as value and service. Sold my house in the first week. Jorge A. Borjas, P.E.

  11. Sellect Realty

    We used the Flat fee listing through Sellect Realty and we were so happy with our decision. Not only did we save thousands of dollars doing the flat fee listing, everything was simple, and all forms we needed were provided. If/when we sell our next home we will use Sellect’s Flat fee listing again! Trey McCurry

  12. Sellect Realty

    Suzanne and her team have been wonderful to work with. I’m torn between what was the best of this experience: the fact that my house sold within 72 hours of going live on the MLS, or the fact that we saved over $6000 in commission fees on the sale of our home. Additionally, their instructions for everything that I needed to do were explicit, and Colleen in the office was very helpful. I would recommend going with the Supra lockbox–this made my whole experience super easy since agents were able to show my home, just like with a full priced listing agent. With the addition of their professional sign in my yard, no one was the wiser that I was saving so much money! Honestly, with an option like this kind of flat fee listing (and the fantastic customer service they provide), I cannot imagine paying a listing agent again. Super easy, save thousands of dollars, pleasant experience, sell your home quickly–can’t beat these features! They get my highest recommendation. Roxane Day

  13. Sellect Realty

    Colleen and the team at Sellect Realty were fantastic! They responded to all our requests and quickly. In instances where we needed help, they were right there to answer our questions. They made selling our home significantly easier than if we attempted without their listing services! SH

  14. Sellect Realty

    I am very satisfied with the service I received from Sellect Realty and their SimplyList Program. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I was able to get all my questions answered in a very timely manner. The price was great as well. I would definitely use them again. I just wish their services were available where I live now. L. Laskey

  15. Sellect Realty

    I have tried many other flat fee listing services, and the customer service was always horrible. Not so with Sellect Realty. When you call, someone answers. When someone contacts them about your property, they immediately send the info. It’s that simple. Chris Schultz

  16. Sellect Realty

    The Sellect Realty team gave me exactly what I was looking for. I was able to control the process of selling my home from start to finish. Any requested updates were handled promptly and without issue. I would definitely use them again. P. S.

  17. Sellect Realty

    Working with Sellect team is a breeze. Website is easy to navigate, the service we requested is just right, communication with the team is timely and accurate, we also like the buyer feedback posting emails, so we know where we are with the showings. After the house was under contract, Sellect team provided invaluable advice on what and how to proceed. The closing was very smooth because of the works the team has put in. Thank you, Sellect, we are very happy to get our house sold with no hassle! Yinch

  18. Sellect Realty

    Sellect Realty met or exceeded every expectation that I had. It’s a great way to sell your house By Owner. Brad. S.

  19. Sellect Realty

    I highly recommend Sellect Realty’s MLS listing service to anyone selling a home, especially for someone who likes to DIY. I saved approximately $5,000 and learned more about real estate during the process. Colleen was very responsive and kind when answering questions and providing any documents needed. Selling a home was not as hard as I expected! John Pham

  20. Sellect Realty

    Just closed my fourth deal with Sellect’s $199 listing service and have saved over $13,000 thus far. Why would you do it any other way? KJ, Investor

  21. colleen

    Suzanne and Colleen with Sellect Realty did a terrific job helping market our land. They responded within hours to all of our requests. We saved over a hundred thousand in commissions. We would recommend their excellent service to anyone looking to save money marketing their properties. Why pay full commissions? Thank you again, Sellect Realty. Doug

  22. colleen

    I chose to list my condo with Sellect Realty after a coworker was able to sell his with them. My listing was on the MLS and major websites like Zillow the same day and I received prompt responses with any changes or questions I had. They give you all the tools you need – all I really had to do was write a short commentary about my home, take pictures, price it appropriately (very important) and wait for the phone to ring. For me, it was the best of both worlds because I still had the freedom to sell direct to a buyer had I found one and avoid commission all together AND offer a commission to a buyer’s agent should they bring an offer. I ended up with the latter, but even with paying the buyer’s agent, I saved almost $5K in listing commission and it went from listing to closing in 37 days. It’s 2016 and in real estate, tradition hasn’t caught up with technology. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone looking to sell. Sean

  23. colleen

    I highly recommend Sellect Realty’s Flat Fee Service. I have recommended them to several friends. My experience was so positive I would also recommend them for any of their other services. Noreen Kendle

  24. Sellect Realty

    Sellect Realty is the best. Their low-cost service gets you the exposure you need on MLS, FMLS and the other major online listing sites to quickly sell your home. They are very responsive and they provide all the forms you need to complete the transaction. I saved nearly $13,000 on commissions and highly recommend Sellect Realty! J. Chapman

  25. Sellect Realty

    The team at SeLLect Realty was really easy to work with. They promptly forwarded any information pertinent to the sale of my condo. I saved thousands of dollars by using SeLLect Realty and the process was simple. David C.

  26. Sellect Realty

    Sellect Realty’s flat fee listing has saved me thousands of dollars in commissions. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Their services are highly recommended. I have been using Sellect Realty for many years. Thank you Sellect Realty you guys are the BEST! Ted

  27. Sellect Realty

    We are first-time home seller. A friend referred to us Sellect Realty flat fee listing, and after studying Sellect Realty website we found the service is very easy to use and much more economical than using a listing agent. So we listed our house using the $199 package. During the process, I made several calls to Sellect Realty about various questions, and Colleen always responded immediately and has been really helpful. Our house was on the market for only a few days before we got the first offer, and was eventually sold in 45 days since listing. I strongly recommend Sellect Realty for this service! With their user-friendly website and helpful staff, selling a house is no longer a daunting task but becomes self-manageable. E. Z.

  28. Sellect Realty

    I was very satisfied with the entire process. Everything was straightforward and it definitely saved me money. I also appreciated being able to talk to the buyer’s side myself, without having to go through another person. I will use this service again the next time I sell and I’ve already recommended it to a friend. Sarah

  29. Sellect Realty

    Thanks for your company’s service. It was so easy both times we used it and it enabled us to get out from under a house we have been wanting to sell for so long but couldn’t afford to while also paying a commission. This was a great option for us and we appreciate your help. We’ve already told numerous people we knew in the same situation about you guys. Felicity

  30. Sellect Realty

    We recently sold our house by owner with the services of Sellect Realty. After long and nerve-racking attempts to sell with real estate agents, we decided to sell by owner. Selling with Sellect Realty allowed us to list the property on the MLS. But there are other benefits with this company too. The Sellect Realty team is very helpful and always available. Ultimately, this has been a great experience and we sold our house effortlessly. So we recommend this company to anyone wanting to sell their house quickly, without the headaches of dealing with real estate agents, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional real estate agent. J and O

  31. Sellect Realty

    I sold two properties with SELLect Realty’s listing service, and I found them to be professional and responsive to my needs. The listing was on MLS promptly, and when I needed to change or add information, it was done within 24 hours. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to sell their own property without an agent but also wants an MLS listing. The price is more than fair. Sharon

  32. Sellect Realty

    Using Sellect Realty’s service was the absolute best approach to selling our home and thereby saving tens of thousands in real estate agent/broker fees. Sellect provided all of the framework/paperwork that is needed to create a hassle-free experience in marketing and closing the sale of our home. Sellect handled the listing of our home on multiple realtor sales sites and provided all of the same forms with instructions that Georgia real estate agents and brokers utilize for the sale of a home so all worry is removed that you are “doing it right.” With a home that was totally renovated and move-in ready, or if you have a unique home like ours, there is no question that Sellect Realty provides a quality service that can truly keep thousands of dollars in your pocket. I highly recommend utilizing their service. Don Bailey

  33. Sellect Realty

    I had not previously sold a home by myself before using Sellect Realty so I was naturally a little hesitant, but I found the process easy and straight forward. I am so glad that I tried selling myself and that Sellect Realty made the whole thing a success. Plus I saved over 10K in commissions! Lawson S.

  34. Sellect Realty

    To Sellect Realty … Your assistance and guidance during the sale of our home has exceeded every expectation. The strategy that you offer in your $199 listing service is incredible. What a deal! All your efforts put forth and your professionalism when dealing with our questions or complexities was pinnacle. Thank you for helping us to move forward and rest assured, we will recommend you to anybody with raving support. All good things, Mary and Carl Sitherwood

  35. Sellect Realty

    I saved thousands of dollars in commission fees by going with Sellect Realty. With a reasonable price relative to the factors (location, condition, etc) real estate can almost sell itself. What Sellect offers is the opportunity to get your home in front of buyers and agents who use the multiple listing service and other websites – which account for almost all home buyers. Renting the Supra box also allowed for us to view feedback and showings. It was a good process and we would use again. Danielle

  36. Sellect Realty

    We were very pleased to engage the services of Sellect Realty for listing our home with their $199 flat fee listing service. The whole process was very smooth, completely on-line and very easy to follow. Any questions we did have were promptly and efficiently answered within 24 hours. Our house sold very quickly and it was easy to access any forms on-line that we needed from Sellect Realty. We would strongly recommend this service to any homeowner who might want to sell their home themselves yet with MLS listing and nationwide exposure. Thank you for your wonderful service. N and A

  37. Sellect Realty

    As investors we absolutely love working with Sellect Realty to sell a property. We have used them every time we’ve listed a property for sale in the Metro Atlanta area. The value you get with the flat fee listing service is unmatched, and the customer service is superb. Timil Jones

  38. sellect_atl

    Sellect Realty is the Best of the Best in Flat Fee listing services. So grateful that I found them. Very simplistic process with great exposure. I had 5 offers in 1 day of my house hitting the market. I look forward to using them again in the near future. Mrs. L. Horne

  39. sellect_atl

    I have listed several homes with Sellect Realty using their flat fee service and have been very satisfied. I previously used another service that wasn’t as responsive nor as customer service driven. It’s always a pleasure to work with all the folks at Sellect. I cannot recommend them enough to other real estate investors. Wayne B.

  40. sellect_atl

    After listing our house with an agent and getting no offers for over 6 months, we decided to handle things ourselves and put the house For Sale by Owner. We signed up with Sellect Realty so our home would be listed in all the mainstream places, and from the beginning they had great customer service and were very responsive. Our house ended up under contract in just over a week! Thanks for a great experience Sellect Realty! LG

  41. sellect_atl

    The $199 listing service was very simple to list and I sold my house quickly due to the increased exposure they gave me. Thanks very much! Ryan M.

  42. sellect_atl

    We were COMPLETELY satisfied with Sellect’s flat fee service. I became a Realtor in Florida for the purpose of saving 3% commission on the buying end, and Sellect allowed us to save another 3% on the selling end with much less headache. It was a no-brainer for us. Bill and Christina McCalister

  43. sellect_atl

    Sellect Realty made selling my home very easy and seamless. They work in real time providing support and communicating very clearly through the entire process. W. Rice

  44. sellect_atl

    Sellect Realty was a pleasure to work with. We used the $199 listing service to help sell our house. They were quick to get the listing up once we signed up and from the beginning to the end were very helpful with any questions we had during the entire process. Thank you to Suzanne and her staff at Sellect Realty for a successful and relatively quick sale. Carla Rose

  45. sellect_atl

    The flat fee service with Sellect Realty was fast, easy and cost effective. The process was simple and they answered all of our questions in a timely manner. Randy

  46. sellect_atl

    Sellect Realty is awesome! – abstractnt

  47. sellect_atl

    I had a great experience with Sellect Realty and highly recommend their service to everyone that is listing a property. Sellect Realty went the extra mile for me and provided me with everything I needed to successfully and professionally sell my property. Their customer service is outstanding and they respond very quickly. I don’t believe Sellect Realty’s flat fee MLS listing service took any more of my personal time or added risk to the selling process compared to the more expensive rate based listing option. I found it particularly refreshing and more effective dealing directly with potential buyers on scheduling viewings and negotiating a win-win offer. The best part of the experience was the SAVINGS! I’ve used other flat fee MLS providers and can confidently say Sellect Realty provides the best value and customer service. Bob Gladd

  48. sellect_atl

    This is my 4th time using Sellect Realty’s flat fee listing services. I must say that Sellect Realty is the BEST. In addition to helping saved a ton of commission fees, Suzanne Higgins and the team of Sellect Realty are very supportive, responsive and professional. I’ve received MUCH more than what I’ve paid for . . . TRULY APPRECIATED & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! David Wong

  49. sellect_atl

    I was so impressed with the information and service that I received from Sellect Realty on the listing of my home. All questions were answered promptly and they were very helpful in getting the listing not only on MLS but many other websites such as Realtor.com and Trulia. They made sure the video and all the pictures were uploaded and made listing adjustments quickly. I listed my home for $629,000 and it sold for $610,000 within 90 days. Sellect Realty had excellent follow through with documentation for the closing attorney and the entire process from start to finish has been seamless. I was just super pleased and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or be a reference for Sellect Realty to a potential home seller. PNH

  50. sellect_atl

    “Sellect Realty did everything in a professional and expedient manner. I saved over $15,000 in realtor fees in selling my home. I could not have sold it without Sellect Realty’s help in getting my home listed in the MLS and FMLS.” N. A.

  51. sellect_atl

    “I just wanted to thank you for the great service you gave me. Every time I requested a change in the listing you were right on top of it and I knew it would be done ASAP. You answered all my questions in an objective and professional manner. Your service allowed me to be more competitive in this hard market and saved me thousands in commission while still harnessing the power of FMLS and MLS. I saved about $5100 and that is money that will go into my pocket. I would gladly recommend your service to others who may be thinking about selling their house by owner.” Richard Wimbish

  52. sellect_atl

    “Thank you Sellect Realty for your great services! This is our second listing with you and we can’t be more thrilled at not only your very extremely reasonable rates but the fact that you REALLY care for your clients! Thanks for all of your help. We only wish we could bring your services to FL with us! Thanks a million!” Jade & Guillermo Hernandez

  53. sellect_atl

    “Sellect Realty helped make the entire home selling process uncomplicated and straightforward. We had showings nearly every other day and went under contract within three months of putting our house on the market. We will always use Sellect Realty for any home sale going forward.” Aisha Saeed

  54. sellect_atl

    “After a great experience with your Company we learned one valuable lesson about selling a house, no one will work as hard selling your house as much as the owner himself/herself and you have to always answer the phone. We had our house on the market for almost a year through another realty company with less than 5 showings the entire time. As soon as we signed up with your Company, we had showings every week and more than 1 a week. Thank you, again!” Patty & John Groover

  55. sellect_atl

    “Sellect Realty’s flat fee listing service was the key to selling our home “by owner” and reaching buyers’ agents. We received a steady stream of traffic, mostly from agents, and no one realized it was “by owner” until they saw my own signage. Agents called me directly and I scheduled the showings and fielded questions. We also had an electronic lockbox, which was convenient. We saved so much money on agent’s fees, and in this market, it makes a huge difference. Sellect Realty’s quick response to my emails and immediate listing revisions made the whole process very easy!” Jenn Jordan

  56. sellect_atl

    “Thanks to Sellect Realty, we were able to sell our house quickly and affordably, saving ~$10,000 in realtor fees! The pictures and information were up throughout the web soon after we submitted our paperwork. Prompt professional service, we highly recommend!” The Simons

  57. sellect_atl

    “Sellect Realty provides great, fast online service. I’ve sold several homes on a fixed fee basis and I have to say, working with Sellect was great! Saving on the real estate commissions was great too. Their automated service alerts you when the lockbox is opened, allowing you to follow up with the agent showing your property. I communicated with Sellect Realty mostly through email and received answers to all my questions in a few hours or less. During contract negotiations, I needed some help. Victor reviewed the contract for me based on his decades of experience in real estate. Next time I sell a property, I’ll use Sellect again!” Peter Hoeve

  58. sellect_atl

    “We listed our home for sale under your flat fee program. It was an excellent choice. Your service was superb and left nothing to be desired. It was as effective as listing with a conventional broker. The publication you provided on the MLS and FMLS and elsewhere resulted in a sale of the property within weeks. Thank you again for outstanding attention.” M G Panovka

  59. sellect_atl

    “When I decided I was going to ‘sell by owner’ I did a lot of research before I signed with SELLect Realty. I couldn’t have made a better choice! SELLect was always responsive to my questions, gave me professional service, and went above and beyond in taking care of my needs. I would absolutely choose SELLect again and recommend them to anyone interested in selling by owner. SELLect is hands down the best, period.” Yoel

  60. sellect_atl

    “Thank you for helping us to market and sell our home. With your help we received three offers and were able to sell our home in four weeks at 97% of our asking price. You and your team were very responsive to all of our questions and requests. We felt well prepared. We would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to sell their home.” Joe & Donna

  61. sellect_atl

    “Before using Sellect Realty’s flat fee listing service, we listed our home with traditional realtors. This did not work out because at the end of the day, the commission we would have to pay ate away too much of the equity. Suzanne was there for us when we needed her and was very responsive to our questions. She is easy to work with and I think that flat fee listing is the wave of the future if you are selling your home.” Arleen and Mark R.

  62. sellect_atl

    “When we made the decision to look for a transactional real estate agent we were overwhelmed with what seemed like millions of options online. My husband and I knew we wanted to look for an agent with roots in Georgia. We came across Sellect Realty and we never looked back. From the moment we filled out the application to requesting extra signage, the process was simple, reliable and efficient. In a short 5 weeks we had an offer on our home, and we saved $10,000 by using Sellect Realty. We were thrilled with our choice!” Brandy & Jared Kirschner

  63. sellect_atl

    “We are so glad that we decided to go with Sellect Realty’s flat fee service for listing our house. Their thorough website helped us understand all of the steps in listing & showing upfront, which helped us feel confident in using them to sell our house. The process was extremely simple and they were very easy to work with. We had a ton of showings and were able to save over $12,000 using this flat fee listing service! We would definitely use them again if we ever have another house to sell.”
    Julie & Jason

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